Foodbank WA

We proudly support Foodbank WA; we love what they stand for and the impact they make through motivating communities like ours to give back. We love sharing their message and we believe we have a responsibility to give to those in need, where we can.

Foodbank WA is Western Australia’s largest food relief organisation providing over 5.7 million meals a year to people in need. Foodbank accounts for 65% of all the food distributed to charities by food rescue organisations in Australia.

“We fight hunger in Western Australia by providing quality food to people in need and by delivering food education that promotes healthy eating.”

They work with the food and grocery industry to source surplus and donated products. They also collaborate with industry and government on innovative programmes to produce key pantry staples. This enables them to supply almost 900 community groups and schools with the provisions they need to fight hunger in the community.

They also provide a range of healthy eating and education programmes to build the capacity of children and adults to better take care of their own health and wellbeing.

We support Foodbank by way of monthly monetary donations and regular food drives. Follow us on Facebook [include link] to get involved in our next community initiative.