Clinical Exercise & Pilates

Pilates is an amazing form of exercise designed to retrain how you move your body. It can help you improve core strength, flexibility, posture and help you move fluidly, pain-free and with ease.

What could be better than that?!

How about, all the benefits of Pilates combined with the knowledge of experienced physiotherapists delivered with a clinical approach, based on evidence that is proven to help you?!

Our Clinical Exercise & Pilates sessions are physiotherapist-led and incorporate specific exercises with a focus on strength, conditioning and function to help you reach your lifestyle goals. They are underpinned by physiotherapy and Pilates exercise principles and our considerable expertise in this area will help you achieve your best movement possible in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

Pilates-based exercises are one of the most effective ways treat acute and chronic pain problems. They have been shown to enhance flexibility, muscular endurance, postural alignment as well as one’s sense of wellbeing. Pilates has been used for over eighty years to improve the function of the body.

Our Clinical Exercise & Pilates sessions involve the use of specialised Pilates equipment such as the reformer, trapeze table, wunda chair and spine corrector. This equipment uses springs to resist or assist movements to gain strength, control and flexibility. In addition to Pilates-based exercises, we incorporate physiotherapy principles of rehabilitation and functional strengthening work to ensure you get the most out of your exercise session and maximise the carry over into your daily life.

The benefit and value our clients see from these sessions stems from our clinical expertise and reasoning behind the prescription of each specific exercise – your exercises are tailored just for you so you get the most benefit. Our passion is helping you to move in the best way possible – with less effort, more control and pain-free!

How do I book?

Your initial session is a one-hour individual assessment. During this session, we take a thorough history from you, establish your goals and complete a full assessment of your flexibility, strength and core control. During this assessment we find the link between how your body is moving and your pain or injury – these are usually your barriers to recovery. We use specialised Real-time ultrasound imaging to assess your pelvic floor and core abdominals and teach you how to engage these muscles correctly. Most importantly, we listen to what you want to get out of your sessions and set goals with you to help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

Most of our Clinical Exercise & Pilates sessions are semi-private (max three clients per class) which ensures individual attention. Within the session, you undertake exercises specifically prescribed for you to help work towards your goals and correct problem movements or posture. In this way, you progress as soon as you are ready and improve faster. We also provide one-on-one sessions.