Life Coaching

Our inspirational life coach, Laura Rosher, is based at Live Well Currambine. We believe that a healthy body needs a healthy mind and Laura skilfully helps our clients achieve this.

Laura works alongside Alisa Pettit, founder of Insite Mind. They work with individuals to awaken their dormant potential. Lifestyle mentoring helps us to focus on what we want. A lot of us are unsure of where we are so it is hard to understand where we are going. Once we have a definitive chief aim, we can work towards this with purpose.

Laura offers a range of services, including life coaching to help you prioritise your goals or resolve problems, stress management, mindset, working on relationships, self-image and much more. With how busy our lives are, it is important to have a touch point to make sure we are living the life we want; Laura provides amazing insights into helping us realise where we may be going off-track.

To book an appointment with Laura, contact Live Well Currambine on 9304 1000.

For more information, visit Insite Mind