Our goal is to get you to your best quality of life. We achieve this by delivering excellent physiotherapy care and a combined approach with our affiliated wellbeing services.

At Live Well, our goal is to help you to become pain free and have a body that works well for you and enables you to do everything you want to do in life.

Our experienced practitioners genuinely want the best for you, they are trained to an extremely high level, take an evidence-based approach and also encompass a total approach to health.

Everyone is different and will have different factors within their body and their lifestyle that can contribute to pain or injury. Therefore, everyone needs an individualised treatment approach. Skilled practitioners can identify the underlying factors contributing to pain and tailor a programme just for you.

At Live Well, we are praised for our high calibre of practitioners and our expansive in-house professional development programme, consisting of external presenters who are experts in their field. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and are committed to ensuring you get the best results from your physiotherapy care at Live Well.

Some common problems we treat:

Back & neck pain
Poor posture
Sports injuries
Muscle tension
Shoulder impingement
Sprains and strains
Tennis elbow
Nerve pain
Disc bulges
Women’s health
Repetitive strain injuries
Pre and post-operative treatment
Chronic pain

All our physiotherapists have outstanding clinical skills and exceptional communication skills. We pride ourselves on finding the right treatment approach for you so you can get the results you want and leave feeling happy and healthy in your body.