Character Design

Personal illustration and character design projects, result of experimentation with shapes, patterns, and colors. Many of these illustration pieces have been featured by sites like Behance, Wix, Étapes, Good Type, 36 Days of Type, among others.

Some of these illustrations can be found as prints in Ana’s art shop.

Year: 2018—2019

Lotte Duty Free — Spring Campaign

Illustration and character design for the Spring Campaign Look & Feel of Lotte Duty Free in Seoul, South Korea. The commission was to design an illustration for a 4:1 ratio wall which is featured in the main Lotte Duty Free mall in Seoul. All adaptations were made by Designtist, the branding agency that took over the project. The pieces were all over South Korea, including 3 shopping malls in Seoul and Incheon Airport.

Year: 2019